Still not using castor oil ? Reasons why you should

Still not using castor oil ? Reasons why you should

If you are in love with essential oils and their properties, you have to incorporate castor oil into your life. The official substitute for olive oil arrives. You will not regret.

If you live by and for natural oils, we have good news: you will want to add castor oil to your dressing table. And, its benefits are countless. And we assure you in the first person.

The day our eyelashes needed a little push, we asked what natural remedies would help give our eyes a ‘boost’. The winning answers were two: olive oil and castor oil. By not trusting much of the first (to put it on our eyelashes; for everything else, we put our hands on the fire) we decided to try castor oil.

After a walk to the pharmacy, (or the herbalist, whichever you prefer) and two months using it for the sole purpose of having a heart attack eyelashes, we realized that we had found the holy grail of beauty for very little money. Why did it make our eyelashes longer and denser? Castor oil contains vitamin E and proteins, so it can stimulate hair growth and nourish it, hence its effectiveness when it comes to improving our eyelashes.

Not content with this use, we decided to investigate what benefits (in addition to this one) castor oil had. And it does not fall short, we can use it for many problems:


This is the main use of castor oil. Its properties make it the perfect natural laxative and can be used as a non-invasive treatment for occasional constipation.


The fatty acids of this oil deeply moisturize the skin and act as moisturizers, so its high vitamin E content is even more potent in protecting cells and curbing possible skin aging. Do you have scars or stretch marks? Rebuilds the skin naturally and helps protect the dermis from UVA rays.


This oil is also beneficial for the scalp due to its anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce seborrheic dermatitis, a condition that causes skin peeling.

Also, it is a great ally when it comes to moisturizing hair and promoting its growth and a great companion against acne thanks to its antibacterial powers. Having some eyelashes, skin and movie hair (among other things. Wink, wink) has never been so simple.

Do you work in front of a screen? Eat chufa

If you have dry eyes, this interests you. The most famous tuber in Valencia has a property that we did not know and that can be very beneficial if you work in front of the computer.

When we say chufa, the word horchata comes to mind directly. They are an inseparable couple, and that is, horchata is one of the favorite drinks when it begins to attack the heat. Cool, on a terrace in the sun and always with straw, the juice of this tuber is the most demanded (and famous) especially if you are in the area of ​​Valencia.

If the memories of your childhood are full of horchata glasses, colored straws and of course, farts, we have a piece of news to give you: by consuming a small nut you improved your eye health. And we don’t say it (strong defenders of horchata on any occasion).

According to a study carried out by various Valencian medical units and with the support of the Generalitat, chufa could improve the health of the eyes, especially those suffering from dryness, since the properties of this food improve the quality of the tear making the eyes more hydrated.

The study consisted of controlling how 20 women reacted when chufa was introduced into their diet. The sample, which was between 45 and 70 years, spent at least six hours a day in front of a computer. For a month, they ingested 30gr of chufa a day with great results. The quality of the tear was better and therefore, his eye was much more hydrated since this tuber is rich in vegetable proteins, antioxidant vitamins, and polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential components when it comes to treating eye health and specifically, the problem of dryness for overexposure to the screen.

If you need more reasons to introduce it in your diet, chufa is rich in fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and good fats … making it an ideal healthy snack now that summer is coming.

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