Increase your creativity with a walk

Increase your creativity with a walk

Do you need to clarify your ideas? The solution is at your fingertips: you just have to take a walk. You will see the life of another color.

Sometimes you go around in a circle thinking until an idea comes to you. Or you get up from the computer and walk down the hall until the solution to your problem comes alone. This has an explanation and is that the movement activates the brain neurons and reorganizes the brain, so it is less likely that people who walk suffer from high levels of anxiety, and when they do, their productivity increases.

Studies by scientists at Princeton University concluded that exercise regularly helps brain regeneration and releases endorphins.

The brain acts automatically before routines. If we always do the same and in the same way, cognitive responses will be less and less creative as they lack new neural connections. This results in memory loss, boredom and lethargy.

Since the routines are not good for the brain, but we love them, we can add a little sauce every day and introduce a walk in the middle to please the mind. If also, you do it in contact with nature, the effect is doubled since we generate new thoughts, reactions, and moods. This, in the end, means creativity in abundance.

Although it is better outdoors, walking on a treadmill, in a closed room and four blank walls, can have twice as many creative responses compared to a person sitting still. This is stated by a study conducted by Stanford researchers.

Conclusion: if you feel stuck and without original ideas, go for a walk 30 minutes a day and creativity will flow through your veins.

GABA, the last remedy to rest and avoid stress

If you are one of those who have trouble sleeping and have tried everything, we have a piece of news to give you: GABA can be the remedy for all your ills, especially when we talk about stress and lack of sleep.

If you’ve ever heard that “check with the pillow”, wrong. We know that it is a very popular saying, but the worst thing we can do is take the problems to bed, whatever they are.

If you are one of those who fight for a night of restful sleep and dream (but wake up, yes) with resting at least seven hours of the pull, we have good, great news: we have discovered the perfect remedy for you to rest. We have tried it and we attest that it works. We know that getting to bed with a blank mind is impossible and the remedies that promise to help you rest, infinite: Valerian, relaxing infusions … nothing works for you. But have you tried GABA?

It is your new companion between the sheets. And we are not exaggerating. When it comes to sleeping remedies, we prefer to resort to natural solutions and run away from chemicals. However, and as nature is wise, it is we who produce this substance present in the brain. Our body is a great producer of this inhibitory neurotransmitter that helps the brain control anxiety. Also, it has a calming effect on the nervous system, so it relaxes you. Something very necessary if you want to sleep peacefully and have stress problems.

Medications that help us fall asleep, in the long term, often create addiction, so GABA is the perfect and most natural option to get sleep.

Why is it beneficial?

The best thing about GABA is that it does not cause drowsiness, that is, the next day you will find yourself phenomenal. The only thing that triggers is a decrease in stress and above all, it induces you to a restful sleep so you will be able to rest easy. Why ingest it externally if our body produces it? Simple. Over the years, the body produces less of this substance, so it is advisable to ingest it if you have trouble sleeping to compensate for this deficit.

How to take it With a capsule before sleep would be enough, yes, you must combine it with a healthy diet and physical exercise. In this way, you will get better results and sleep better.

A little word is our discovery of the month.

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