Do you want to stop overeating? Eat avocado and leave carbohydrates

Do you want to stop overeating? Eat avocado and leave carbohydrates

If you want to stop overeating and feel full, we have news to give you. Science says you incorporate avocado into your diet and eliminate some carbohydrates.

If you were looking forward to the moment when science confirmed that eating avocado can help you lose weight, congratulations. The day #avocadolovers has arrived, Instagram’s favorite fruit has a place in your diet. And, it has been discovered that adding avocados to meals, (and eliminating some carbohydrates) you will feel more satisfied, satiated, and save on calories.

The study, conducted by the Illinois Institute of Technology, studied 31 overweight people. The sample interspersed two types of foods: one with 76% carbohydrates and 14% fat with a total of 680 calories. And another, with the same amount of calories and fat, but with fewer carbohydrates. In these meals, the subject would eat half an avocado and when he did, he felt much better, fuller and sated.

Participants in the study agreed that meals with avocado (either half or one whole) were much more satisfying and left them less hungry. The study did not focus on weight loss, but on satisfaction, but it was easy to find out how this factor interfered with the other. Therefore, if you want to lose a kilo, put an avocado in your life. Although you have to eat healthily.

If you listen to your body and focus on eating only when you are hungry, the best thing you can do is eat high-fat, easily digestible foods that keep you at bay when overeating.

Avocados are high in monosaturated fats, fats called ‘good’, which are the best for losing weight, so eating half a fruit a day, especially food, will help you get to dinner better, you will not need to consume so many Carbs and all with just one salad, half an avocado and a little bit of mixed lettuce. A healthy meal, rich, nutritious and above all, ‘healthy’.

Do you fancy an avocado? Here we leave you the recipes with which you can start your new life. The best? You will not feel deprived of anything. You will not go hungry.

Kumquat, the most mini and unknown citrus of all

Surely you know him by another name. The orange of China is one of the most exotic and least consumed fruits, but the time has come: you must put a kumquat in your life.

Vitamin C is one of our essential allies if we talk about health. When we talk about Vitamin C, the fruit that first appears in our mind is orange, which is that citrus fruits have innumerable health properties when we talk about nutrients.

The vitamin C is not stored in the body , ie, it is water-soluble, so it must consume products containing almost daily (orange is not the only papaya also contains vitamin) also has a key role in the assimilation of iron that we ingest through legumes or vegetables, so that the more doses of Vitamin C we incorporate into our body, the better than better.

If you are tired of orange, lemon, and tangerine, there is a type of citrus that has gone unnoticed and has infinite properties. You can even eat their peel: it is the orange of the Chinese or kumquat, a fruit that is shaped like an orange, but in the ‘mini’ version. In addition to being super nutritious, it is Instagram-able to more than not being able and does not surprise us: it is so adorable that it is sad to eat it.

Therefore, we have proposed to discover this citrus, which surely, had not yet entered your shopping list. By its name, its flavor and its properties, we must incorporate it into the cart (and our life) sooner rather than later.

Why should you eat kumquat?

This fruit from Asia that has the shape of a dwarf orange is the only citrus that has edible skin and it is not necessary to peel, which makes this type of orange the perfect snack between meals. You can even use it as food to regain strength after a gym session. You will replenish liquids and thanks to its high fiber content, you will feel satiated. Something super important so as not to fall into the temptation of some ultra-processed ‘snack’.

The orange of China is not only rich in Vitamin C, but also in potassium, folic acid and carotenoids, which make it a strong antioxidant and a very cleansing fruit. It seems incredible that something so small can be so beneficial. But it’s true. We already carry it in our bag as a ‘healthy’ snack.

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